Inexpensive book lights

I love book lights for my e-reader. When I first purchased a Nook – many, many years ago – a book light was an essential accessory. The light focused on just the Nook and didn’t blast a bright light around me before going to sleep.

Since I love reading at night before heading to bed, this was perfect.

It’s also great for those late-night writing sessions – for those of you who keep a notepad and pen beside the bed. Instead of turning all the lights on and waking up others in the house, you could use a book light to write down quick ideas. It also helps with not having to have a bright light in your face and then not getting back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Here are a few inexpensive book lights to check out:

51plRfhfZVL._SX425_These portable, bendable lights are some of the most affordable you are going to find on the market. They are just $2.29 (with free shipping) from Amazon.


This light is just $4.99 right now, while it is normally $19.99. It’s a much bigger light, which can be used while sitting at a desk, pouring over some or while you’re deep into a writing session.


For those who love the color pink, here’s a neat little portable light from GE for just $5.50.


EBay is another great site to find book lights such as the blue gooseneck one pictured above. It’s $6.99 with free shipping


There is also this listing that allows you to pick from multiple styles. It’s about $3.50 shipped.

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